About Me

You know how sometimes you’re in the store, meticulously reading the ingredients on every package of deodorant before finally deciding that none will do and you should just make your own? No? That’s just me?

How about that time you sent your husband to 5 different stores searching for organic masa to make non-GMO tamales? Oh right, that was me too. (He’s such a good sport).

Oh, I know! So you’ve probably tried 5 different types of natural nail polish remover to find the most effective, least toxic option, right? Just me again, huh?

For years I’ve been consuming as much information as I can about how to live a healthier life for myself and my family. It all started in 2007 when a friend told me about chemicals in makeup and skincare products and how she was switching to natural alternatives. I began my own research and one of the first things I learned was how aluminum in conventional antiperspirant has been linked to cancer. Deodorant was one of the first products I switched from conventional to a natural alternative, and I never looked back.

I continued to make small changes in my life, diet and home (and dragged my husband along for the ride), and in 2009 I began making my own soap. I decided to leave my ‘corporate’ job as a marketing manager in 2010 and started Soap Addict, a handmade soap and body products business.

When I became pregnant in 2011, I knew nothing about having a baby, pregnancy or birth, and I knew even less about natural birth alternatives! I began seeing an OB but also began researching midwives and natural birth.  I watched ‘The Business of Being Born’ documentary and it really spoke to me! My husband and I met with a wonderful midwife and both just knew that was the route we wanted to take for the pregnancy and birth. The decision to use a midwife and have an out of hospital birth was one of the most empowering decisions I have made for myself! I had a wonderful experience delivering my first daughter at a birth center, and have since had a son and second daughter at home.

Once I became a mother, I began trying out some of the ‘crunchy’ parenting methods. I breast fed, used cloth diapers, practiced baby wearing and tried holistic medicines. I would say having tiny humans completely dependent on me really took my natural living quirkiness to the next level….I definitely went all in! I love that I’m teaching my kids how to live a healthy life from the time they are little!

I truly believe my life is better because of many of the choices I have made for my health and well-being, and I love to share it with others! I’m learning and trying new things every day and I love hearing what has worked for others! I believe knowledge is our most powerful tool and when we share it with each other we can make positive life changes.