The Ultimate Breastfeeding Resource List for New Moms

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best breastfeeding resources for new moms

Learning how to breastfeed your brand new baby can feel so overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to turn for help or answers.

I spent hours scouring the internet after my first was born, because I knew nothing about breastfeeding and was having a very tough time getting my baby to eat.


I was fortunate to have a wonderful midwife who helped me track down a professional lactation consultant and pointed me to online resources for random questions.


I did find myself referring to a number of these breastfeeding resources for all of the random questions I came up with (trust me, you will have lots!).




Even though breastfeeding has been around since the beginning of humanity, it does not come naturally for many people and can require lots of work and adjustment, especially in those first few days and weeks.


Women used to have a built in network of breastfeeding experts at their disposal as soon as they birthed their baby. Mothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, grandmothers, and neighbors were all quick to jump in and help the new mom learn her way and share their own tips based on their experience.


Lots and lots of breastfeeding knowledge has been lost in the last few generations of formula babies, and often times new moms don’t know where to turn for questions about nursing their new babes. I certainly felt this way when I started breastfeeding!




I have compiled a list of books, websites, organizations and online communities over the last 7 years, all dedicated to helping new moms achieve breastfeeding success.


This is the best of the best when it comes to breastfeeding resources. However you prefer to learn, you should find something on this list to help you on your breastfeeding journey.


If you’re looking for help with what products you really need for breastfeeding, I’ve got you covered in this post of the Must Have Breastfeeding Products.


Make sure to check out Breastfeeding for Beginners for great breastfeeding tips for first time moms.


best breastfeeding resources list



There are a few great books about breastfeeding that I recommend reading when you are still pregnant.



I absolutely recommend seeking out someone locally to assist if you have latch problems, severe pain, or are just feeling confused by the whole thing. A physical person to reassure that you are doing great goes a long way.


LaLeche League

This is a wonderful place to start. They offer FREE local meetings all around the country, and have contact information for local leaders who can help with more immediate questions. I attended several meetings in my area when I was a new mom and found them extremely beneficial.


International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)

The place to go when you need a one-on-one consultation with a local professional to help resolve any issues you are having. I cannot recommend hiring a lactation consultant enough if you are struggling to nurse your new baby.

A lactation consultant will evaluate the baby’s latch, look for tongue and lip tie, and can help determine if your baby is transferring enough milk (something EVERY new mom worries about!).

They can be pricey, but in my experience are absolutely worth the cost, even if it’s for nothing more than peace of mind that you’re on the right track.

(I saw TWO different lactation consultants with my second baby, who both told me he was a wonderful little nursling and we were both doing beautifully.  But I was SO paranoid about having trouble like I did with my first (I exclusively pumped for 5 months before she latched); that I needed the reassurance that everything was going well).




These are my top picks for breastfeeding related questions. These online breastfeeding resources are SO GOOD you likely won’t need any others to answer all of your breastfeeding questions.


The ultimate breastfeeding resource guide! This has ALWAYS been my first stop on the World Wide Web search for breastfeeding answers. Find out about latch issues, engorgement, pumping, mastitis, clogged ducts, weaning, night nursing…..and the list goes on and on.

Seriously, this site has everything you could think of. Bookmark this one if you haven’t already!


International Breastfeeding Centre

This is a site for Canadian based Doctor Jack Newman who is an advocate for and expert on breastfeeding. He is also the author of one of the books on my list above.

The site has an extensive list of breastfeeding information sheets, covering a wide range of topics. My favorite reason to use this site is the breastfeeding videos that demonstrate lots of different latches from a variety of babies and moms.

Best for Babes Foundation

This organization is on a mission to change the cultural perception of breastfeeding and to help new moms overcome the common challenges that lead to ending the nursing relationship.


Breastmilk: Every Ounce Counts

This is a good resource for pregnant moms preparing to breastfeed. It has lots of great ‘introduction’ type info and details on how to prepare to nurse your baby.


The Best Online Breastfeeding Class

This Breastfeeding course by Milkology is seriously THE course I wish I had taken years ago when I was a new mom. It’s taught by a certified lactation consultant and covers everything from the benefits of breastfeeding to managing your milk supply and getting the perfect latch.


The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class takes 90 minutes to complete, costs only $19 and when you are finished you will feel prepared and ready to breastfeed your newborn.


Check out the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology right here.

milkology ultimate breastfeeding class


Online Communities for Breastfeeding Moms

Remember how I mentioned earlier that years of breastfeeding knowledge had been lost because it wasn’t passed on to the next generation? Well the current generation of young mothers is making up for it.


There is a VAST online community of breastfeeding women who are connecting online and helping each other. Most I have found are in Facebook Groups, and they are wonderful resources for real-time, real-life support from other women who know exactly what you are going through.


I’ve linked to a few here, but I encourage you to ask around to find a local to you group! You can do a simple search on Facebook with your city name and ‘breastfeeding’, your LaLeche League will probably know of one (or maybe even have one), and I bet if you ask other new moms in your area someone will gladly add you to their network.

These four are all nationwide groups and very active communities.

The Leaky Boob Community

Milky Mommas

Breastfeeding Mamas

Breastfeeding Resources and Support



To all the new mamas who are feeling overwhelmed with the CRAZY amount of changes their body, relationships and life have undergone, and are wondering if this breastfeeding thing is really worth it: IT IS WORTH IT.


I have nursed 3 babies and have thought countless times about quitting (especially in the beginning!), but I am so glad I stuck with it. It DOES get easier, and I hope this resource list helps you find some answers you are searching for.

breastfeeding resources for new moms

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