17 Unique Children’s Books – A Kid’s Gift Guide

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the best list of awesome kids booksI have a love affair with unique children’s books.

We have A LOT of books, but there are some special books that stand out among the rest as favorites because they have a little something extra in them. Books are awesome gifts for kids and they are at their very best when parents also enjoy them.

These are my absolute favorite picture books for kids. They are unique, beautifully illustrated and have great stories that can prompt important conversations with kids.

My kids are ages 2, 4 and 7 and they all enjoy most of these (some have been in rotation for years at our house!). These unique books for kids are perfect for ages 2-7.


The Best Unique Children’s Books

Hide & Seek by Il Sung Na is a gorgeously illustrated book! I like everything from Il Sung Na, but this one is definitely my kids favorite. It’s a counting book with bright and colorful animals that I enjoy more than any other counting book because of the beautiful art. My kids love to find the chameleon hiding on every page.



The Most Magnificent Thing  is an inspiring story about a girl who works hard to make her invention come to life.



My Mama Earth is a sweet story about the love between a child and their mama exploring nature along the way. It is beautifully drawn and one of my favorites.



Woolbur is a story about a sheep who doesn’t like to go with the flock. He does his own thing with no apologies. It’s a great message for young kids and this book presents it in a fun way.



Wherever you Go tells a tale of big, exciting adventures, and the ability to always come home.



The Day the Crayons Quit is a fun and lighthearted book written from the perspective of a box of well loved crayons. My kids love listening to this book.



The Tickle Tree is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, with it’s sing-song story, sometimes made-up words and whimsical art. The art is detailed and we see something new every time we read this book.



An Island in the Sun is a rhyming book with bright colorful illustrations that is fun to read.



I’d Know you Anywhere, my Love will give any parent the warm fuzzies. It’s message about unconditional love is beautifully drawn.



Little Owl Lost is a sweet story about a little owl who is lost from his mommy and a squirrel who helps him find her. The illustrations are bold and fun – my kids really enjoy this book!



An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton is about dreaming big. It’s bright, fun illustrations and positive message make this book a winner for kids and parents.



Kiki & Coco in Paris is the story of a girl and her favorite doll on vacation in Paris. I love that this book uses photographs instead of illustrations, and my daughter loves it too!



Spoon is a story about a spoon who doesn’t want to be a spoon. His parents help him see all of the great things about being who he is in a lighthearted, comical way. This is a feel good, fun book.



Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is about a tiger who gets tired of doing things like everyone else and decides to ‘go wild.’ The art is bold and vibrant, and pairs beautifully with this story about doing things your own way.



In My Heart  – I love this book for slightly older kids (5-8). It dives deep into how we feel different emotions and shows what those emotions might look like to a child. It makes the sometimes complicated topic of emotions easy for kids to understand.



Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls features 100 ‘girl power’ stories about women from all over the world and throughout history. It’s a beautifully done book, with each single-page short story having a unique, artist-drawn illustration. This book is for slightly order kids, I would say 5 and up (although my 4 year old enjoys the stories too!).

We love this book so much we supported the kickstarter for the second book, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Part 2.


Do you have a favorite kids book that didn’t make my list? Tell me in the comments!

P.S. I’ve created an Amazon Wish List with all of these books on it so you can easily find them. Feel free to save it, or head over there to see them all in one place.


unique children's books gift guide

unique kids books gift guide

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