Super Simple DIY Clear Lip Gloss with Natural Ingredients

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This DIY clear lip gloss recipe is so simple to make with only 2 natural ingredients.

I love this homemade lip gloss for adult and kids – my daughters promptly confiscated the tubes you see in these pictures as soon as I was done making them!

I’ve added some dried rose petals and lavender buds to these, but you can leave those out if you prefer.

This lip gloss applies smooth and gives some shine, but is not quite as nourishing as my lip balm recipe. If you’re looking for something a little richer I’d try that.


This DIY clear lip gloss is made with NO wax, so it’s vegan, super easy to make and requires no melting.

Just stir, pour and go. That’s my kind of recipe.


You can add any flowers you like to this recipe for a cute and fun look. The flowers don’t contribute to the scent, so think of them purely as decoration.

I chose rose petals and lavender buds for these, but I think hibiscus or chamomile would also look nice.

I chose to coordinate each tubes scent with the flowers as well, but feel free to use whatever scent you like (or leave it unscented).


Lots of clear lip gloss recipes out there contain Vaseline, but you won’t find that here. I avoid using petroleum-based products, so this is a lip gloss recipe without Vaseline.

I’ve chosen castor oil as the base for this clear lip gloss because it is thick, shiny and nourishing. It’s a great choice for lips and also has staying power so you won’t need to reapply often.

The vegetable glycerin in the recipe acts as a humectant, keeping the moisture on your lips, and helps to thin out the castor oil so it’s easier to apply.


I’ve used an inexpensive, plastic wand style lip gloss container for this recipe. In the future I might choose a thicker lip gloss tube, like this one.

I’m also ordering some of these adorable lip gloss containers for kids.

Or you could opt for a squeeze tube style container for this clear lip gloss.



4 teaspoons castor oil

2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin

4 drops essential oil of choice (optional; I used rose and lavender for these)

PRO TIP: I used a squeeze bottle, like the kind you might use for ketchup, to mix and pour this recipe, and it worked wonderfully. The small squeeze top makes getting the lip gloss into the tube super easy and mess free. No funnel needed.

Combine ingredients in a squeeze bottle or small measuring cup.

Shake bottle or mix ingredients until well combined.

If you’re adding flowers to your lip gloss, put them inside the empty tubes before filling them. I filled about 1/4 of the tube with dried flowers.

Pour or squeeze lip gloss mixture into tubes, then make sure to place the top piece in the tube before inserting the wand.

Makes 2 tubes of lip gloss

don’t forget to add the stopper to your lip gloss before inserting the wand!

That’s it! This clear lip gloss is so easy, and works great. I’m experimenting with different ways to add natural color to it, so stay tuned for more lip gloss recipes!


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11 thoughts on “Super Simple DIY Clear Lip Gloss with Natural Ingredients”

  1. Hi Karla! Thanks so much for all the awesome recipes. My 9 year old loves this one.

    Any tips on keeping these ingredients from separating?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Darvina – so glad you and your daughter are enjoying the recipes! My daughter likes this one too 🙂 This gloss does have a tendency to separate, I just give it a good shake before applying and it does the trick. You’d need to add an emulsifier to keep it from separating all the time.

    • I’m not sure, I haven’t tried it! My first thought is that the aloe and coconut oil will not mix together without some kind of emulsifier – they will separate.


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