Easy DIY Coffee Scrubs for Face, Body and Lips – Homemade Gift Idea

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diy coffee scrub recipe

I love a good body scrub, and this DIY coffee scrub is a great way to get your coffee fix without the caffeine buzz.


Ok, I have a confession. I don’t actually drink coffee. I can’t stand the taste, and I’m super sensitive to caffeine. But I DO love the smell, so this coffee scrub is perfect for me.


So basically, you don’t have to be a coffee addict to love this homemade coffee scrub. It’s perfect for tea lovers who secretly love the smell of coffee (like me!).


Because this body scrub smells like freshly brewed coffee.


With a hint of vanilla.


And a little sugar.


It pretty much smells like your perfect vanilla latte but you get to rub it all over your body.


If you need a better reason than the delicious aroma of fresh coffee to make this DIY coffee scrub, coffee is actually beneficial for your skin!


exfoliating coffee body scrub



The naturally occurring caffeine in coffee can help tighten skin and possibly reduce cellulite. The effects of caffeine from coffee on skin are temporary, so you’ll need to use it regularly. (Not a problem since homemade coffee scrub is amazing.)


You will notice the biggest skin tightening and cellulite reducing effects immediately after using your homemade coffee scrub. So if you’re prepping for an event or date night, this would be great to use before you go!


Coffee grounds and raw sugar exfoliate dry and dull skin, and a luxurious combination of oils provide moisture to parched skin. DIY coffee scrub gives skin a natural glow, and it’s so easy and inexpensive to make!


I have a basic coffee scrub version perfect for all over, a facial coffee scrub that doubles as a face mask and a coffee lip scrub version as well. Pick your favorite or make them all.

Let’s get started!


You can pick up the ingredients to make all 3 versions of coffee scrubs here.


homemade coffee scrub recipe







Combine coffee grounds and sugar and mix well.

Add in grapeseed, almond and jojoba oils, vitamin E and vanilla.

Mix until thoroughly combined. The coffee will not be swimming in oil – this is a slightly dry feeling scrub to the touch, but still extremely moisturizing.


To use your homemade coffee scrub, rub scrub mixture all over body, or wherever you need exfoliation. When using for cellulite, apply scrub and let sit for at least a minute before rinsing.

This DIY coffee scrub is especially great for dry feet.


Store your homemade coffee scrub in an airtight container and it will keep for months. Coffee body scrubs are great DIY gifts. How cute would this be paired with a Starbucks gift card?


diy coffee scrub for body face lips




I do think the above coffee body scrub is gentle enough to use on your face; however I prefer a different combination of oils for my face. I have sensitive and oily skin, so I like to use lighter feeling oils for my face.


Grapeseed and coconut oils are perfect for a homemade coffee scrub for the face. I’ve added in some bentonite clay because it helps clear pores and gives the scrub a paste like texture that makes it perfect to double as a coffee face mask.





Combine ground coffee and bentonite clay until thoroughly mixed.

Add grapeseed and coconut oil and stir until completely combined.

This scrub is a paste like texture. It is much wetter feeling than the body scrub and can be used like a coffee face mask as well.


To use your coffee face scrub, apply a thick layer all over face and gently rub to exfoliate. I like to leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing clean. I love that this coffee scrub does double duty as a facial scrub and exfoliating face mask!


This recipe makes about 3 ounces finished. (And filled my mini mason jar perfectly – aren’t they adorable?!). Store in an airtight container – this will keep for several months.


homemade coffee scrub and mask for face




It’s just as easy to make a coffee lip scrub as it is a body scrub or face scrub! Homemade coffee lip scrub is made with only 4 ingredients – ground coffee, honey, coconut oil and ground cinnamon.


Ground coffee exfoliates dead lip skin, honey and coconut oil moisturize dry lips and cinnamon makes lip skin look plump.


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix until a paste is formed. This makes about 1.5 TBS of finished scrub – about 10-15 uses. Store in an airtight container.




Take a small, pea sized amount of coffee lip scrub in your fingers and rub all over lips. This is messy, so I like to do it over a sink. Rub the coffee scrub on lips for about 30 seconds, and then let it sit for another minute before rinsing clean.




How often should I use coffee scrub?


It’s best to exfoliate your skin frequently, so try to use your coffee scrub 2-3 times per week. However if you have particularly rough skin or just love a good scrub down, you can use your homemade coffee scrub as often as you’d like. Everything in this scrub is safe enough to eat, so there’s no harm in using it often.


Will the coffee grounds clog my drain?


Coffee grounds may clog your drains, so be cautious with this scrub! When I use the facial scrub, I rinse it off over my kitchen sink so that the coffee grounds go down the disposal instead of in the bathroom sink.


I do use the coffee body scrub in the shower and have not had problems with clogged shower drains. You may prefer to use this body scrub over a towel instead of in the shower.


Can I put used coffee grounds in my scrub?


You can use either fresh or used coffee grounds to make your own coffee scrub. I usually use fresh, especially if I plan to save the scrub to use at a later time.


If you are using used coffee grounds for your DIY coffee scrub, you will want to make sure they are completely dry before using them to avoid any bacteria growing in your scrub. To dry your used coffee grounds, place them in a thin layer on a towel or baking sheet and let them air dry.


Want to reuse the grounds from your morning pot of coffee? If you plan to use the scrub immediately, there is no need to dry the coffee grounds.


Try this super easy alternative for a 2-minute scrub with used coffee grounds.


Mix your used coffee grounds with whatever oil you prefer (olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil would all work well). Grounds will be wet but not drowning in oil. Don’t worry about the proportions – it’s really hard to mess this up!


Use your homemade coffee scrub immediately. Rub all over body or wherever skin needs some extra TLC.


Reusing coffee grounds is a great way to make your DIY body scrub low waste!



homemade coffee scrub recipe DIY coffee scrub for face body and lips plumping coffee lip scrub how to make jar of homemade coffee scrub coffee face scrub and mask in a jar


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  1. We drink a lot of coffee in this house so all these ideas are great. I didn’t realize all the uses, especially the part of removing odors.

  2. What great, easy recipes! They sound super skin-pampering, and I definitely can’t wait to give them a try.

    I’ve made scrubs with used coffee grounds before, and they kept about 5 days in an airtight container. Perfect for when the coffee you drink gives you a smaller amount of used grounds, like emptying out K-cups or the like. (And it really does feel so low-waste!)


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