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The Best Eco-Friendly and Natural Gift Ideas for 2019

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Treat someone special on your gift list this season to a natural gift! There are more natural and eco-friendly gift choices available than ever and it can be tough to know where to start. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! My list of the top natural gift ideas has something for everyone on your list.


I’ve specifically curated this list for the eco-conscious, natural living and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. Many of these gifts I have received or given myself, while others are on my personal wish list for this year (hint, hint, hubby!).


 My favorite gifts usually fall in a couple of gift-giving categories. The all natural gifts on this list meet this criteria, and you can use these categories to brainstorm other natural gift ideas as well!



I personally love consumable gifts because they are often times items I wouldn’t buy for myself but I love to try out new products. I also love consumable gifts because once I use up the gift, it’s gone. I don’t have something else to find a place for in my home.


My favorite consumable gifts are essential oils, natural beauty gifts and tea gift sets.



I love experience gifts because they are usually something that I want but will not spend the time or money to do myself. And isn’t that exactly what a great gift is – something the other person wants but will probably not buy for themselves?


Online courses, housecleaning service and the always welcome massage gift certificate are all favorite experience gifts.



Upgrade gifts are some of my favorite gifts ever!  Over the years I’ve requested lots of ‘upgrade’ gifts, mostly of overused kitchen or household items I had the cheap version of. These are items I use frequently and would love to have a higher quality version of, but I will likely not give myself an ‘upgrade.’


Do the upgrading for your recipient! This category works best for someone you know well, like a spouse, parent or close friend.



I have a soft spot for handmade gifts. I spent several years making and selling my own soap and body products and I met LOTS of wonderful makers along the way. I love that when you give a handmade gift you are not only giving something truly unique, but you are also supporting a local maker in the process.


You’ll find several handmade natural gift ideas on this list, and lots more (that you don’t have to make) on my Handmade Gift Ideas Guide.



Healthy lifestyle gifts are great for the natural minded person in your life because there is probably at least one area of their life they are working on healthifying (I made that word up, feel free to use it ;). The common theme with all of these gifts is that they improve quality of life and/or facilitate learning about healthy living.



Last But certainly not least is gifts you can make yourself. There are endless possibilities in this category, so I’ll just give you a few of my favorites that are easy enough for anyone to do.

Try my hot chocolate lotion bars or cuticle oil with essential oils for stocking stuffers everyone will rave about.


Natural Gift Ideas

Natural gifts for everyone on your list. The ultimate list of eco-friendly, natural gift ideas for eco-conscious, natural minded and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

A set of minis from NYR Organic's 'Bee Lovely' line of skincare products that support saving the bees. Non-toxic and essential oil scented goodies that give back 10% of proceeds to bee-saving organizations so you can help #savethebees.

Neal's Yard Remedies has lots of other natural beauty gifts available as well, check them out here.

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For the DIY health nut, this kit has everything you need to brew your own kombucha.

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For an essential oil newbie, this essential oil gift set includes the top 14 essential oils (7 singles and 7 synergy blends) and a diffuser.

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My favorite kid-safe essential oils all in one gift set. This is great natural gift for healthy living mamas because all of the oils are safe for kids and adults.

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Skip the candles in favor of an essential oil diffuser (use it with the oil sets above). Diffuse essential oils in your home to freshen the air and boost your health. This is my current favorite diffuser, and one of my favorite natural living gifts to give.

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Another great gift set from NYR Organic. Made with relaxing frankincense, this skincare collection tones and hydrates to leave skin beautifully rejuvenated.

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I love me some tea, and it is one of my favorite consumable gifts to receive. I love the tea gift sets from Art of Tea because they offer high quality, loose leaf and bagged tea and lots of organic choices.

Check out the  Wellness Tea Sampler, the Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set or the Classics Gift Set.

Monthly tea subscriptions are also available (and totally giftable!).

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The perfect natural gift idea for the DIY-er in your life. Everything they need to make bath bombs with all natural ingredients in one giftable box. Such a fun gift!

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I love this natural, eco-friendly and vegan beauty subscription box as an organic gift idea! Give one month or many, it's up to you.

Read my full review of the Petit Vour Beauty Box here.

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I especially love this gift for moms who feel like they can never catch up (isn’t that most moms?!). Doesn’t it sound amazing to have someone come and clean your entire house for you? It certainly does to me – cleaning is NOT my forte.

(Don’t forget to ask them to use your own, non-toxic cleaners if that’s a concern to you! Most companies will happily oblige).

Did you know you can book cleaning services through Amazon in some cities?? Check it out here.

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Online yoga is a game-changer! With a huge selection of classes for all ability levels, anyone can do yoga at home. A yoga subscription is a great last minute natural gift, and your recipient will reap the benefits for months to come.

Code MYWYEAR45 gets you an entire year of online classes at My Yoga Works for only $45.

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Gift your yoga loving recipient the best yoga mat around! It is slip proof, doesn’t get little rips like the cheap mats do, and stable enough to support you even during a sweaty hot yoga session.

(pair this with a year of yoga classes above and talk about an amazing gift!)

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While some people might think bedding is an odd choice for a gift, I think it is a superbly giftable item. I've had a set of these amazing organic sheets for more than a year now and I love them! Bedding is one of those categories I don’t usually splurge on, so this is a perfect 'upgrade' gift.

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This is one of my favorite 'upgrade' natural gifts! The Instant Pot does everything and gets used multiple times a week in my house.

While kitchen items don't always scream 'amazing gift idea!', the Instant Pot is the exception. Every kitchen needs one, IMO, especially if you're searching for less toxic options to current kitchen tools (like a crock-pot).

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How cute is this mug?! It's my favorite for 3 years running, and I especially love that it's BIG.

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Made by Mary creates gorgeous, customizable jewelry by hand. I especially love their 'birth flowers' collection, and their bumblebee collection helps to #savethebees.

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For a houseplant enthusiast, an adorable, handmade planter will always be a welcome gift!

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Journal and notepad set handcrafted in the US from eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested birch wood and 100% cotton paper made from reclaimed fibers. Tons of cute designs to choose from. I'm also loving the happy skies set.

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Give the gift of clean water with a Berkey water filter. This is THE best countertop water filter available and it does a stellar job of cleaning up your household drinking water. Make sure you spring for the fluoride filters if your city still puts fluoride in the tap water.  We have had our Berkey water filter for 7 years and absolutely LOVE it.

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Water kefir is an easy to make fermented drink that is packed full of probiotics. It has a slightly bubbly texture and mildly sweet taste. Water kefir can be flavored with fruits and juices or consumed plain, and it is an awesome way to get more probiotics in your entire family.

I have made water kefir on and off for about 5 years, and I have purchased these water kefir grains 3 times and they are super high quality. Once you buy the grains, they will last for years if you take care of them (I let mine die, twice. oops). Water kefir grains do require a small amount of daily maintenance, and they will make A LOT of water kefir. So make sure you think your gift recipient would be up for a new mini-project with these.

Make sure you also purchase the accessories they will need to make water kefir: a plastic strainer (no stainless!), a big glass jar, a wooden spoon and organic sugar.
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EarthLove curates beautiful boxes of eco-conscious, healthy, non-toxic products for your body, home and lifestyle. It's a unique natural gift box any natural living enthusiast will love. Buy a single box or a subscription.

Get $5 off with code LOVETHEEARTH

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The Mighty Fix is an inexpensive and easy way to try out new natural living products. Each month you receive a healthy lifestyle product shipped direct to you for only $11 per month. The value of the product included is always AT LEAST $11, usually more.

I think subscription boxes are so fun – who doesn’t like to receive a surprise package in the mail?! The Mighty Fix box is inexpensive and geared towards natural minded moms, and makes a great natural living gift!

Get your first month for only $3 with promo code MIGHTYNOW

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I love to learn, so I always appreciate a new book about a topic I want to learn more about. Here are a few of my favorite books related to healthy living that each would make an amazing natural gift:

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy  – this is my favorite book on essential oils. It is very thorough and includes lots of recipes to help put your essential oils to use.

Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies that Heal: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies that Heal – I just got this book myself, but am loving it! It makes using herbs approachable and teaches how to incorporate them into your daily diet.

My Paleo Patisserie: An Artisan Approach to Grain-Free Baking – this is a gorgeous book. I have given this book several times as a gift and use it myself in my kitchen. The recipes are all wonderful and the photos are beautiful enough this could be a coffee table book.

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If you like to DIY gifts yourself, I have lots of suggestions for you! Some of my favorite DIY beauty gifts are:

Hot Chocolate Lotion Bars

Cuticle Oil with essential oils 

Coffee Sugar Scrub (for face, body or lips)

Woodsy Beard Oil Recipe (for the hairy faced guy in your life)

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