18 DIY Beauty Gift Ideas with Essential Oils

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Looking for amazing and easy DIY recipes you can make for gifts using essential oils? These recipes are simple but really work. These are not your basic ‘through some coconut oil in and call it a day’ recipes.

These are recipes your recipients will use and then ask you for the recipe because its THAT good.

The best thing about all of these homemade recipes is how easy they are to turn into DIY gift ideas.

You can customize them with your favorite essential oils, make multiple recipes to create a great homemade gift set, or batch create a bunch at once and knock off everyone on your list if one swoop.

diy body scrub

What are the Best Essential Oils for DIY Beauty Products?

I stick to 2 brands of essential oils and use them for all of my homemade beauty concoctions.

essential oils for lip balm

My favorite essential oil brands are NYR Organic and Plant Therapy.

I trust and recommend both of these brands for several reasons:

Both recommend responsible usage of essential oils, which does NOT include ingesting essential oils (ever).

Both offer a large assortment of organic essential oils.

Both have an assortment of blends and individual oils.

Both are high quality oils with third party testing and affordable pricing.

NYR Organic also boasts the most sustainable frankincense essential oil on the market. You can read more about the Frankincense Project here.

Homemade Natural Beauty Gifts with Essential Oils

These easy beauty recipes are perfect for DIY-ing your own gifts with essential oils.

How to Package your DIY Beauty Gifts

You can go simple or fancy when it comes to packaging your homemade beauty gifts.

I prefer a natural, and mostly simple look, but do what feels good to you!

A simple ribbon with a hang tag is great for body scrubs, or a ‘handmade with love‘ sticker can be used on lots of different DIY recipes.

Bakers twine is a cute addition to homemade gifts, and I love these holiday inspired tags that make DIY Christmas gifts really shine.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite homemade beauty gift packaging ideas on Amazon. I love the chalkboard labels and already printed labels that can be used for lip balms or oils in glass tubes.

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