How To Make Whipped Body Butter: 6 Fabulous DIY Recipes

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If you love the feel of having silky soft skin that looks and smells great, then you will love whipped body butter. Making your own at home allows you to take charge of the ingredients, and tailor them to your personal tastes and needs.

Not only is the process super fun and creative, but it is also quick and easy, saving you time and money that you would otherwise spend on store-bought alternatives.

In this article, we take you through the benefits of body butter, the step-by-step making method, and list some winning recipes for you to try!

What is Whipped Body Butter?

Whipped body butter is a homemade skin cream that is great for keeping your body moisturized and supple.

Its creamy texture is silky smooth, easy to apply, nourishing, and packed with all-natural ingredients.

Whipped body butter leaves you looking, feeling, and smelling delicious and makes a beautiful homemade gift for friends and family.

What are the Benefits of Whipped Body Butter?

  • Whipped body butter is a concentrated moisturizer that contains no water, only rich, nourishing oils and butters that skin loves.
  • When you make your own, you can choose the scent of your body butter! Depending on the essential oils you prefer, you can make a body butter that is relaxing, invigorating, and mood-boosting.
  • The natural ingredients moisturize your skin and prevent it from becoming dry, cracked, and flakey.
  • Whipped body butter is excellent for all types of skin and can be customized for your own needs. You can find a recipe for sensitive skin, dry skin, or anything between.
  • The natural ingredients nourish and rejuvenate skin, leaving it shiny, silky, and supple.
  • Since whipped body butter doesn’t contain water, it has a long shelf life and can last for as long as six months if stored in an airtight container and keep away from direct sunlight and water.

Whipped Body Butter Basic Ingredients

To make any whipped body butter you will need 4 key elements:

  • Natural butter (like shea, mango, or cocoa butter)
  • Natural carrier oil (like coconut or almond)
  • Essential oil (like lavender or orange, optional)
  • Thickening starch (like arrowroot or cornstarch)

Whipped Body Butter Basic Method

While individual recipes will vary in what natural ingredients they include, the basic methodology for making whipped body butter remains the same:

  • Melt the natural butter in a double boiler, stirring continuously until melted and silky
  • Allow the liquid to thicken as it cools to room temperature
  • Once cooled, whip the butter until it is light, creamy, and fluffy
  • Add essential oils to your carrier oils
  • Slowly pour the oils into the whipped butter and incorporate the two
  • Add the oils gradually to avoid the mixture splitting and to ensure it does not become too wet
  • Once the liquid oils have been incorporated into the butter, add the cornstarch and whip the mixture again
  • Whip continuously until the body butter stands in soft peaks
  • Pour the body butter into a glass storage jar with an airtight lid.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Whipped Body Butter Basic Method

 6 Fabulous Whipped Body Butter Recipes

Lavender Whipped Body Butter

This lovely lavender body butter recipe involves a double dose of lavender: lavender essential oil and lavender butter. The mixture of the two creates a floral and heady aroma that is ideal for before-bed use.

Anyone who finds it challenging to sleep will love the relaxing and sleep-inducing qualities that this butter provides. When you rub this creamy body butter into your skin, your whole body will feel smooth, clean, and seriously relaxed.

Citrus Fresh Whipped Body Butter

This citrus fresh whipped body butter recipe contains zingy citrus essential oil and mango butter to make it a moisturizing treat for the skin.

This recipe contains no starch, which means it will have a more dense feel than others. It is made with all-natural ingredients, and the mango butter just sounds scrumptious!

Lemon Sugar Cookie Whipped Body Butter

Lemon Sugar Cookie body butter looks and smells so delicious you will be tempted to eat it! It uses a blend of lemon and vanilla essential oils to achieve a sweet and lively aroma that will put a smile on your face and make your mouth water.

Try this delectable lemon cupcake essential oil blend in this recipe. It contains lemon and vanilla mixed with several other oils and smells divine.

 6 Fabulous Whipped Body Butter Recipes

Lemon oil is said to have mood-boosting properties, so this body butter makes a great pick-me-up for you or as a gift for a friend. Not only will their skin feel wonderfully hydrated and nourished, but their mood will feel brighter too!

Chocolate Souffle Whipped Body Butter

This scrumptious chocolate souffle body butter has definitely got the luxury factor. The cocoa powder compliments the shea butter beautifully, resulting in a seriously indulgent and creamy chocolate aroma.

You will feel thoroughly pampered after putting this body butter on, and your skin will feel as silky and smooth as melted chocolate too. I think this recipe is an excellent choice for a homemade Mothers Day gift because what moms don’t love to be spoiled rotten?

Try this body butter recipe with a couple of drops of decadent chocolate truffle essential oil blend added – talk about a choc-o-holics delight!

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Vanilla Latte Body Butter

If you love a strong coffee in the morning, you will love this vanilla latte whipped body butter recipe. Not only does it smell and feel completely delicious, but the coffee essential oil is also known to have skin tightening properties.

Fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the appearance of cellulite, can all be reduced by massaging this tasty body butter into your problem areas. 

homemade whipped body butter
Handmade DIY natural body butter with coconut oil, almond oil and shea, cocoa and vanilla butter

Cinnamon and Vanilla Whipped Body Butter

Cinnamon has an incredibly nostalgic aroma for many of us, thanks to its associations with cozy nights in by the fire and the holiday season. That is why this cinnamon and vanilla body butter makes such a brilliant stocking filler for friends and family.

Whether as a winter pick-me-up, a Thanksgiving gift, or a Christmas present, a jar of this sweetly scented, comforting body butter will always be well received. 

Final Thoughts

Making your own whipped body butter at home is creative, fun, and surprisingly simple. You can experiment with different kinds of butter and oils to achieve a scent and final product that is just right for you.

Make sure to check out how to make lotion bars as well! They use very similar ingredients to whipped body butter and are another fabulous DIY moisturizer made with natural ingredients.

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