16 Awesome DIYs with Liquid Castile Soap

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Liquid castile soap is an excellent ingredient for many easy, inexpensive, and effective homemade products. You may be surprised to find that lots of the products you purchase use Castile soap (or something similar) as a primary ingredient. 

All you need to make your own for a fraction of the cost is your bottle of liquid castile soap.

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap has been around for thousands of years, but liquid castile soap differs from its traditional, solid bar counterpart.

Traditional castile soap is made from pure olive oil and hardens into a solid bar that lasts a very long time. It is one of the hardest, longest-lasting bars of soap you can purchase. It is traditionally cured for up to a year to achieve this and is often touted as superior soap.

Traditional castile soap is made with 100% olive oil, and no additional oils are used. Bastille soap is made with up 70% olive oil and includes other oils or butters in the recipe. Any soap made with less than 70% olive oil is simply classified as soap 😉

The most popular liquid castile soap, Dr. Bronners, does contain olive oil as one of the ingredients. Still, it is NOT technically castile soap because it has other oils as well (coconut oil, hemp oil, palm oil, and jojoba oil). It’s marketed as castile soap, but technically this is inaccurate. 

It doesn’t make the soap less effective in any way. Many wonderful soaps use a mix of various oils. I just thought it necessary to clarify that when we refer to ‘liquid Castile soap’ in this article, we are talking about a natural liquid soap like Dr. Bronners.

Why Liquid Castile Soap?

The liquid castile soap we use in these recipes is much more accessible than a bar of Castile soap. It is made with olive oil like a traditional castile soap but not pure olive oil. It is also a liquid soap instead of a solid bar soap, so it is much easier to work with for many different recipes.

I’m typically a soap traditionalist and prefer bar soap for my shower, but I love the simplicity of liquid soap and its versatility. In addition, a big bottle of liquid castile soap will last for many homemade recipes. 

From foaming hand soap and homemade shampoo to dusting spray and pest control for your garden, this is a versatile product with tons of household uses.

16 Ways to Use Liquid Castile Soap around the House

Castile soap is a versatile addition to any DIY ingredient arsenal. It’s a must-have for whipping up fast and easy body products, cleaning solutions, and garden pest control.

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