18 Delectable DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes for Soft, Glowing Skin

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Pamper your skin with these incredible DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes for Soft, Glowing Skin. Get the smooth, healthy skin you want at home with a sweet-smelling, nourishing sugar scrub for the body.

Homemade sugar scrubs are an easy and fun way to exfoliate your skin, leaving it silky, soft, and refreshed! Whether you are looking for a body scrub or a facial scrub, you will find just what you are looking for here.

With scents like fresh citrus, vanilla rose, pumpkin spice, apple pie, and so many more, there is something for everyone to make your skin feel fresh and clean!

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Save money while helping your skin look and feel its best with these sugar scrub recipes. With a few ingredients and several minutes of your time, you can quickly and easily prepare batches of various sugar scrubs, storing them in airtight containers to use regularly in the shower or as an exfoliation for your face.

Sugar scrubs work to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells while leaving your skin feeling soft and healthy. Exfoliation is an essential step in taking care of your skin and is especially great during dry winter months! A homemade sugar scrub is perfect for this.

homemade DIY sugar scrub

How do you make a Homemade Sugar Scrub?

You can prepare your homemade sugar scrub by combining sugar with other ingredients, such as coconut oil, almond oil, and more. You can also add an assortment of essential oils for their aroma and healing properties to nourish your skin and get it feeling softer and smoother than before.

Like many DIY beauty products, the sky is the limit when it comes to variations you can come up with for your homemade sugar scrub! With these 17 variations, you are bound to find one that suits you.

What ingredients are best for sugar scrub?

This is essentially a matter of preference, but some of my favorite ingredients for sugar scrubs include brown sugar, organic sugar, grapeseed oil, almond oil, and various essential oils.

Lots of people love coconut oil for sugar scrubs, and I love how accessible and easy it to use it is.

My favorite ingredients for sugar scrubs are the ones I have readily available! You can easily make many of the recipes below with ingredients you already have at home.

However, there are many other worthwhile ingredients to prepare homemade scrubs that nourish the skin to stay hydrated, healthy, and feel its absolute best.

18 Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes

Get soft, glowing skin with these do-it-yourself sugar scrub recipes. They’re easy to prepare and fun to use!

Is Homemade Sugar Scrub good for skin?

Sugar scrubs are most definitely good for your skin! They provide exfoliation, which helps to remove the top layer of dead skin, revealing soft, glowing skin underneath. I particularly love sugar scrubs for more sensitive skin or as a facial scrub because I find them less abrasive than salt scrubs.

The coarseness of the sugar that you choose will determine how aggressive the exfoliation action from your scrub is. Choose a finer ground sugar for a more mild effect or a courser grind for more intense exfoliation.

Make sure to test a bit on your skin before rubbing all over your body. Everyone’s skin is unique and may react to different ingredients.

Can I use a sugar scrub on my face?

Yes, you can use a homemade sugar scrub on your face! Exfoliation is an essential part of any healthy skincare routine and can be done up to 3 times per week. I recommend testing out a bit of scrub on a small patch of skin before rubbing it all over to make sure your skin reacts well to it.

I prefer to use a sugar scrub on my face that has been specially formulated for delicate facial skin and uses a non-comedogenic oil that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

I also prefer sugar to salt scrubs for my face since I typically find them milder in effect, and I have sensitive skin. This is why testing out a bit first is essential – everyone has different skincare needs!

You’ll find several facial scrub recipes in the list above.

How often should I use a sugar scrub on my skin?

This is essentially your personal preference, but many people use it every other day to exfoliate their skin. I don’t recommend daily use, as your skin needs time between exfoliations to rejuvenate.

Sugar scrub is great to use before shaving your legs because it helps remove the buildup of dead skin cells, allowing you to get an even shave while preventing ingrown hairs from forming throughout the body.

DIY sugar scrubs

How do I store the sugar scrub to keep it fresh?

Be sure to use an airtight container to store your homemade sugar scrub. After you’ve mixed your ingredients, you can pour freshly made scrub into a glass container with a tight lid and keep it at room temperature.

The most important thing is to keep water from getting into your scrub! Water in your scrub will lead to bacteria growth – not what you want to rub on your skin.

DIY sugar scrub recipes

Store your scrub in your bathroom, but away from water. If keeping it in the shower, make sure it has a tight lid and is kept away from the stream of water. Also, consider using a scoop to get your scrub out of the container to avoid water contamination of your scrub.

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