DIY Foaming hand soap

DIY Soothing Calendula Foaming Hand Soap

Soothing calendula-infused foaming hand soap is made with just a few ingredients and is excellent for dry or sensitive skin. Made with calendula tea and calendula-infused oil, this herbal DIY uses liquid castile soap as …

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Cocoa Drizzled Lavender Bath Bombs Recipe

These homemade bath bombs look practically good enough to eat! With a lineup of natural ingredients, like Epsom salts, lavender essential oil, and pure cocoa butter, cocoa drizzled lavender bath bombs are a treat for …

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DIY Vegan Margarita Lotion Bars

I hope you’re ready for some fantastic, beeswax-free, crisp, summery, moisturizing vegan lotion bars. This recipe uses some of my favorite types of botanical butters and oils, combined with a delectable essential oil mishmash, to …

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